Savé Valley Conservancy - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2023

Savé Valley Conservancy is taking part in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge for the third time to raise awareness of the vital role our 120 rangers play in protecting Zimbabwe's Ecosystem, and supporting an estimated 150 livelihoods.


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Savé Valley Conservancy (SVC) is one of the largest private game reserves in Africa. Located in the South Eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe, bordering on the Savé River on its eastern side, the Conservancy comprises 750,000 acres of diverse wildlife habitat.


The SVC is home to the Big Five, Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard. SVC has one of Africa’s largest populations of black and white rhino, and to a healthy population of rare African Painted Dogs. Both of these critically endangered species are carefully monitored and protected within the Conservancy. The SVC's sustainable use model allows abundance in animal populations for restocking depleted areas.


Working closely with our rangers at SVC has opened my eyes to their great commitment to protecting our precious wildlife species for the benefit of future generations and ensuring a balance within the environment, as these species have a role to play in biodiversity, as they help maintain a balanced and diverse ecosystem. They risk life and limb to ensure that these species are preserved, and that they do under very difficult conditions. With this day, September 16, we recognise their vital contribution by hosting a challenge run for them to celebrate what they are doing.

Help me raise some funds for them for their benefit, to ensure they are well kitted as they do their daily work, protecting this pristine environment for us and generations to come. 

Make your contribution today.


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