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Lion Landscapes is a large carnivore conservation organisation partnering with conservancies and ranches across Laikipia - working together to create healthy landscapes where people and wildlife thrive.

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Rangers are Africa’s unsung heroes. They hold diverse roles as conservationists, teachers, community support workers, leaders and much more.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk, is a celebration of solidarity, connection and camaraderie for the ranger profession. Culminating on 16th September 2023, the campaign raises vital funds for Africa's biodiversity guardians.

Iconic species, such as lions rely on the landscape they share with people, where the local cost of living with wildlife typically outweighs the benefits, leading to tension, conflict, and often the killing of wildlife. It is these landscapes, where wildlife and people live together, where biodiversity is often under most threat and where Rangers play a vital role.

The Laikipia Lion Rangers are employed by the individual conservancies and ranches, and work to protect large carnivores as well as the livelihoods of local pastoral people on top of their normal security duties. Lion Landscapes trains these rangers to monitor and protect lions and other large carnivores, to prevent attacks on livestock and to work to stop the use of poison in retaliatory killings.

Lion Landscapes trained 156 rangers in 2022 across the 11 Conservancies/Ranches. This number will continue to increase with our goal of expanding the programme to 14 properties in 2023. 

Give today and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, amplifying your impact. Join us in speaking up #ForWildlifeRangers

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21.00 km covered


Sep 18, 2023, 7:33:41 AM

Congratulations to everyone! Our Laikipia Lion Rangers teams have achieved an outstanding performance in the #WildlifeRangerChallenge. We want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Loisaba Conservancy for securing the first-place position in Kenya, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for their remarkable second-place finish, and Mugie for their well-deserved third-place ranking. 🦁🌟#ForWildlifeRangers #LionRangers. You can view the leaderboard here: Show your support and help celebrate the Laikipia Lion Rangers and our Lion Extension Officers (LEOs) by donating $10 today: Imagine running 21km in blistering heat whilst carrying 22kg weight! 🤯 💪. All funds will be matched by the Scheinberg Relief Fund. #DoubleYourImpact

Activity: Run Distance: 21 km

2-Minute Sit-Up Challenge

Sep 11, 2023, 7:12:19 AM

Think you've got the skills to become a wildlife ranger? Let's put it to the test with a sit-up challenge lasting 2 minutes. Join the Laikipia Lion Ranger teams this week for the sit-up mini challenge in the #WildlifeRangerChallenge, and share your results with your friends, family, and social networks using the hashtag #TrainLikeARanger. Support and encourage them by making a donation.

2-Minute Sit-Up Challenge
Activity: Workout

Protect the Pride!

Aug 21, 2023, 9:17:05 AM

Lions are under serious threat. Many wild lions in East Africa and beyond live on unprotected land, shared with people and livestock. Lions need a healthy environment, natural prey, and tolerance from humans and livestock to thrive. We are working to create a Lion Landscape for coexistence. Help us support the Laikipia Lion Rangers and protect wildlife and livelihoods.Together we can create Lion Landscapes and safeguard them for future generations. #ForWildlifeRangers #lionrangers #humanwildlifecoexistence #lionconservation #conservation #protectthepride #wildliferangerchallenge

Join the Push-Up Challenge

Aug 14, 2023, 1:32:37 PM

How many push-ups do you think you could do in 2 minutes? Our team participated in the push-up mini challenge for #WildlifeRangerChallenge in preparation for the Race Day on September 16th. We managed a total of 74 push-ups! Think you have what it takes? Take on the Wildlife Ranger Push-Up Challenge today and share your results with your friends, family, and social networks using the hashtag #TrainLikeARanger. By raising awareness about the vital work of the Laikipia Lion Rangers, we can extend our reach and encourage more support. Your contributions will be matched by the Scheinberg Relief Fund, doubling your impact. Join us, and together let's support the Laikipia Lion Rangers. #ForWildlifeRangers #LionRangers

Join the Push-Up Challenge
Activity: Workout

Test your knowledge!

Jul 10, 2023, 8:29:52 AM

Woohoo! We are super excited to have scored 410,137 points, having answered 25 out of the 30 questions correctly in the Wildlife Ranger Quiz. Take the quiz to test your knowledge about wildlife and conservation and see if you’ve got what it takes to train like a ranger. It's a difficult one, and we challenge you to get at least 75% correct. Don't stop there, please donate so that we can train more Lion Rangers on the 14 conservancies and ranches we are partnering with in 2023. #ForWildlifeRangers #LionRangers #TrainLikeARanger

Test your knowledge!

Mugie Rangers joins forces with Lion Rangers

Jun 19, 2023, 7:49:41 AM

Four incredible rangers from Mugie Conservancy, John Modi, Sirwali Losiapus, Geoffrey Lokoyang, and John Nakemer, are joining forces with rangers from seven other conservancies in Laikipia to form Team Lion Landscapes. They're participating in the Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2023 to raise awareness about the crucial role we all play in protecting Africa's wildlife. Lion Landscapes, in collaboration with conservancies and ranches across Laikipia, is dedicated to carnivore conservation. Together, they're building healthy landscapes where both people and wildlife can thrive harmoniously. Your contribution matters now more than ever! Donate today, and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, magnifying your impact. Let's stand together #ForWildlifeRangers and make a real difference. ➡️ Donate Now 🔗 #WildlifeRangerChallenge #TeamLionLandscapes #ConservationHeroes #ProtectOurWildlife #DonateForACause

Mugie Rangers joins forces with Lion Rangers

Support a unique conservation initiative empowering and uniting wildlife rangers across Africa.

May 11, 2023, 2:47:51 PM

Wildlife rangers operate on the very frontline of conservation across Africa, routinely making personal sacrifices to put their lives on the line to protect the continent’s magnificent wildlife and habitats. Yet they are so much more than just law enforcement officers: rangers are teachers, community support workers, mediators, researchers and so much more. Unfortunately, resources are not keeping pace with the scale of the challenges they are trying to tackle. For the fourth year running, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge sets out to redress this, by raising critical funding to cover operating costs, including salaries and equipment, for over 10,000 rangers. This will help them protect threatened wildlife and some of the continent's most vulnerable areas, while also protecting communities and securing coexistence with wildlife, as well as providing for their own families.

Support a unique conservation initiative empowering and uniting wildlife rangers across Africa.

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