Game Rangers International - Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2023

Game Rangers International is taking on the Wildlife Ranger Challenge to raise awareness of the vital role our 164 rangers play in protecting Zambia's Greater Kafue Ecosystem & Rufunsa GMA, and supporting an estimated 5000 livelihoods.

Greater Kafue Ecosystem & Rufunsa GMA – Zambia

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Rangers are Africa’s unsung heroes. They hold diverse roles as conservationists, teachers, community support workers, leaders and much more.

The Wildlife Ranger Challenge, organised by Tusk, is a celebration of solidarity, connection and camaraderie for the ranger profession. Culminating on 16th September 2023, the campaign raises vital funds for Africa's biodiversity guardians.

Game Rangers International - Greater Kafue Ecosystem & Rufunsa GMA's Resource Protection Programme empowers Rangers to conserve nature in some of the Game Management Areas adjacent to Kafue National Park, as well as a Protected Area to the east of Lower Zambezi National Park, in Zambia.

Although their core focus is enforcing the Wildlife Act, resulting in regular contact with armed poachers, these Rangers are also responsible for Human Wildlife Conflict mitigation - protecting the community and their livelihoods from elephants and predators, at the same time as protecting the wildlife from the communities. A highly complex role, the Rangers require empathy, courage, discipline, and resilience in the face of armed poachers, angry communities, and dangerous wildlife.

Through providing training, welfare, salaries and operational support, such as patrol equipment and vehicles, GRI hopes to ensure that Rangers have all they need to focus on their critical roles. The importance of the Rangers' role cannot be overstated - support in 2023 allows us to ensure that these guardians of our future continue to receive the basic support they need to protect our planet.

Give today and the Scheinberg Relief Fund will match every dollar donated, amplifying your impact. Join us in speaking up #ForWildlifeRangers

Push Up Challenge!

Aug 10, 2023, 1:45:25 PM

The Push-Up Challenge has been completed! Our team of dedicated Wildlife Rangers managed to complete 184 Push-Ups in 2 minutes as part of the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Challenge 2023! This averages out at 46 push ups per Ranger. Pearson Mudenda was on hand to remind them of their form and to encourage them to keep going! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Your support means the world to us! Keep going with your challenges and continue to raise awareness and vital funds for Rangers and conservation! #WeAreAllRangers

Push Up Challenge!

Support a unique conservation initiative empowering and uniting wildlife rangers across Africa.

Apr 27, 2023, 2:20:50 PM

Wildlife rangers operate on the very frontline of conservation across Africa, routinely making personal sacrifices to put their lives on the line to protect the continent’s magnificent wildlife and habitats. Yet they are so much more than just law enforcement officers: rangers are teachers, community support workers, mediators, researchers and so much more. Unfortunately, resources are not keeping pace with the scale of the challenges they are trying to tackle. For the fourth year running, the Wildlife Ranger Challenge sets out to redress this, by raising critical funding to cover operating costs, including salaries and equipment, for over 10,000 rangers. This will help them protect threatened wildlife and some of the continent's most vulnerable areas, while also protecting communities and securing coexistence with wildlife, as well as providing for their own families.

Support a unique conservation initiative empowering and uniting wildlife rangers across Africa.

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